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Roll back a few years and the only accounting solutions that I would have recommended, would have been Pastel Accounting.

Every business needs some kind of system to record their income and expenses, it had never crossed my mind that anyone but a bookkeeper or accountant should be the person dealing with that system from start to finish.

When I decided that working in the corporate world was not for me, I set out to start my own company. As a recently Qualified Chartered Accountant /CA (SA) I thought the best starting point was to offering support to small business owners in accounting and tax. Starting with Pastel Accounting and Payroll, I quickly became frustrated with a solution that didn’t meet the needs of business owners nor myself as someone trying to get a new business started.

Xero Accounting

After a friend introduced me to a software solution called Xero – which is a cloud based accounting solution things changed very quickly.

No Backups, Instant Setup for a new client, anyone can use the system and understand it really quickly. Sounds like a dream for any business owner but could this be the end of an era for bookkeepers and accountants used to making money from processing records.

Xero was anything but that, it has provided a Cloud based system that I can assess from every devise that I own. We can work on multiple client records in real time from anywhere in the world and focus on providing solutions to growth rather than just getting the data into an accounting format.

As a Xero Certified Partner we now have three qualified staff members and many great migrations from Pastel, Excel and no accounting system to Xero.

From that day onward we have never looked backwards and 50+ happy Xero customers later we keep growing from strength to strength.